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A Donor and Recipient Story

I have two children and had an oversupply of breast milk with both. I decided to donate with my first child because I simply did not want to waste it. However, only after my second child was born, did I truly understand and appreciate the value and importance of donor milk. My son was born with down syndrome and was in the NICU for 11 days due to respiratory distress and pulmonary hypertension. It was a difficult pregnancy and delivery ending in c-section. My son was transported to Children’s Hospital while I remained at my local hospital waiting to be cleared for discharge after the surgery. During that brief time of separation, my son received donor milk via a feeding tube until I was able to produce milk and physically get it to him. A mother’s first instinct is to ensure her baby is warm, safe, and fed. To not be able to feed my newborn son was emotionally difficult, but I am forever grateful to the donors who provided my son with the first meals of his life. Eventually, I was united with my son and was able to nurse him. Once my supply was established, I was humbled to be able to pay it forward to another baby in need. Every time I pumped, I knew I was possibly providing someone else’s newborn with his or her first meal.

– Donor and Recipient

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