Hands holding a pink ribbon

A Donor Story

When my second son was born, I started pumping almost immediately, because I anticipated he would have the same challenges nursing that my first son had. Thankfully, he nursed well, but I kept pumping because I knew I’d need the milk eventually when I returned to work. But as time went on, I found that I had more milk than my freezer could hold! I decided to donate the extra breastmilk to the milk bank. I was so fortunate to be able to breastfeed my boys and I wanted to give other parents the opportunity to provide breastmilk for their babies. Two years later, I am now preparing for a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy due to high breast cancer risk from a gene mutation. As I get ready to say goodbye to my breasts, I am especially grateful for the good they were able to do for not only my children, but also for babies in need.

– Milk Donor

Have you been touched by the mission of Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank?