Ashley a Milk Donor

Ashley – A Donor Story

I was a donor from mid-2018 to late 2019. It was a humbling journey for me. I ended up going back to work full time and still pumped to give my boy the milk he needed while helping other babies thrive from my liquid gold. In Feb 2020 less than a month before the pandemic hit, I got a call from Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank to see if I would like to be interviewed on 69News in the Lehigh Valley. They were doing a segment on the Milk Bank opening in Allentown and I was super nervous. Landon and I made the news on my journey of helping babies thrive and other moms to hopefully donate or be able to become a participant for the child. We want to thank you so much for your kindness and for always sending those boxes. We appreciated everything. My husband and I as well as Landon are expecting baby #2. Baby will be here at the end of March and I can’t wait to be able to hopefully have the same outcome where I can donate again. Read the 69News article and see the video here.

– Ashley, milk donor

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