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Bryaunt – A Recipient Story

It’s hard to write our story because I’m not sure where to begin. While I realize there are millions of parents in harder positions than I, it doesn’t make our story any less impacted by this milk bank! I first found out about donor milk the day he was born, and was given some at the hospital until my milk came in, because I refused formula as I was adamant about breastfeeding. I breastfed successfully until we both got thrush and I ended up getting mastitis. This is when my supply dropped and I needed to supplement with formula. When I began to supplement, Bryaunt became extremely fussy, gassy, uncomfortable, and was clearly in a lot of pain. He quit smiling, always had a scowl on his face with his head turned to the side, and screamed and screamed at the top of his lungs all day for months, and barely slept. During this time we’d tried 7 or 8 different formulas, and none of them seemed to help. At one point, the doctor thought he had pyloric stenosis because he was unable to keep any of his formula down. I noticed the difference in him and his diet and asked the doctor what I could do to help him because he was much happier on breastmilk. As it turns out, he just had a giant gas bubble filling his stomach, and has a formula intolerance. I then wondered how I would be able to feed Bryaunt to keep him healthy as he couldn’t have formula and I didn’t make enough breastmilk to sustain him. I asked about donor breastmilk, as I remembered that I’d gotten some in the hospital when he was born. His pediatrician said he’d give me a prescription for it and I just needed to find a milk bank. I did some research and found the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank. He was 7lbs 1oz at birth, and at almost 5mo he is only 10lbs. He lost a lot of weight not being able to eat his formula. He is still in Newborn size clothes and diapers, but he has gained enough weight since receiving the donor breastmilk that he is almost ready for size 1 diapers and 0-3mo clothes. The noticeable difference in my son’s health alone since receiving the donor breastmilk is something I will forever be thankful for! Bryaunt is now a happy, smiling, playful, and healthy baby who loves to laugh and explore his surroundings, although he can’t sit up on his own or crawl yet. I can only pray God takes this milk bank to greater places to continue helping other families like ours because they are truly a blessing that can only come from above! Thank you all so much, and a huge thank you to the donors! You’ve impacted us much more than you will ever know! Without this milk bank, the wonderful employees, and the gracious donors, I don’t know where we would be or even if I’d still have my son.

– Kadi, Donor Milk Recipient

Have you been touched by the mission of Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank?