Chloe’s Story: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Baby healed with breastmilk

Chloe was born premature with a congenital heart defect called ‘hypoplastic left heart syndrome.’ The left side of her heart did not develop properly during the first eight weeks of pregnancy and without surgical intervention Chloe would not have survived.

Immediately after birth, Chloe was transported to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and she underwent heart surgery at just six days old. She had a second open heart surgery at four months and underwent three cardiac catheterizations. Just a few weeks after her second surgery, at four and a half months old, Chloe was well enough to finally go home to her family.

Today, Chloe is healthy and thriving. According to her mom, donor breast milk, supplied by the milk bank, helped save her life. The donor breast milk reduced the risk of Chloe developing life threatening intestinal infections common to heart babies, including NEC. And, it helped with her weight gain, growth and development. Breast milk provided Chloe with the proper nutrition she needed, just when she needed it, along with infection-fighting antibodies.

Chloe’s parents often say she was born fighting for her life and is extremely fortunate to be alive. Although she has a long journey ahead, she has overcome so much. A happy baby, she enjoys every day with loved ones.

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