Showing visitors The Milk Bank's impact

Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank Hosts Dr. Bogen and Pennsylvania Legislators for World Breastfeeding Week

On August 4th, the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank (MAMMB) hosted Acting Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Debra Bogen, Pennsylvania State Senator Jay Costa, and Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Frankel to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies during World Breastfeeding Week.

“As a primary care pediatrician for more than 25 years, I know firsthand the health benefits of breastfeeding for babies and their mother. I also know that there are challenges to breastfeeding,” said Dr. Bogen. “Milk banks – like MAMMB – are critical to ensure that infants with medical needs are able to have an all-human milk diet if their mother’s own milk is not available to meet their needs.”

As the group engaged in a tour of the milk bank facilities, they learned about the families who have relied on donor milk provided by MAMMB. A white board covered in photos of healthy babies across the region showcased those who have thrived off of donor milk. And ‘Ashton’s Garden,’ the beautifully green tree painted on the wall of the milk bank, honors the bereaved mothers who have donated their milk to help medically fragile infants in need.

“All babies benefit from human milk. But for medically vulnerable infants, human milk is even more critical,” said Denise O’Connor, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank. “As Pennsylvania’s primary provider of donor milk, we have seen firsthand how it can save lives and help struggling babies thrive. When a mother’s own milk isn’t available, the next best option is donor milk which can bridge gaps, provide protection against serious complications, and even serve as medicine.”

Producing more than 30,000 ounces of milk per month, MAMMB is able to provide this life-saving medicine to vulnerable babies across Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Thank you to Dr. Bogen, Senator Costa, and Representative Frankel for taking the time to discuss, understand, and amplify the importance of this vital resource and its impact on families!