Eleonora – A Donor Story

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately I wanted to breastfeed my daughter. At 31 week I started to have concerning symptoms and contractions. A week later, I ended up in the hospital. Without any luck of stopping labor, my daughter was born prematurely at 32 weeks. Due to complications, I was not able to leave my hospital bed and was separated from my daughter for her first 24 hours of life. She was rushed to the NICU and I was not allowed to hold her of visit her for those first 24 hours.

I had so many emotions, fears, and questions. But the first thing I questioned was how my daughter was going to to get nourishment and create that initial bond with me. I am so thankful for other moms who have an amazing heart and donated their breastmilk for my daughter to have during that time. I was able to meet with lactation who ensured I was able to pump for my daughter, provide her with breast milk, and eventually nurse her.

Once my daughter was released from the NICU, she continued to struggle with gaining weight. I was told by one medical provider that she would be considered to be “failure to thrive” if she didn’t have consistent weight gain. I was not going to accept that! I continued with my nursing and pumping journey and by 6 months, my daughter was on track for her age.

Over this time, I was also quickly running out of freezer space due to an oversupply of breast milk! Learning about the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank, I knew that it was meant to be to help other babies and to provide a sense of support to other moms. I am proud that over my 2 year nursing and pumping journey, I have been able to provide daily nourishment to my daughter as well as donate 6,401 ounces of breastmilk! I love sharing my love of this journey, I love encouraging other moms, and I love the work everyone at the MAMMB does! My daughter is happy, healthy, strong, and thriving! I am so thankful to other donor moms who helped

– Emily, Mom of Eleonora

Have you been touched by the mission of Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank?