First breast milk dispensary in Pennsylvania now open in Lehigh County

Milk bank dispensary videoWFMZ-TV (Mar 4, 2020) – Allentown, Pa. – The first breast milk dispensary in Pennsylvania is now open in Lehigh County, and it’s ready to serve local mothers and their babies.

Ashley Greggo was a breast milk donor for more than a year.

“I had an entire chest freezer full of milk plus two refrigerators full so there’s not a lot of room for groceries so I had to do something,” Greggo said.

So, she found the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank in Pittsburgh, where she donated almost 45 gallons of breast milk.

Once the milk goes through the proper safety screening, testing and processing in Pittsburgh, it can be shipped back to Allentown, to the only dispensary in the state.

“It’s being dispensed in many dispensaries around the country and now we’re the first in Pennsylvania,” said Medical Director Dr. Kenneth Toff.

There are many reasons mothers may need donor breast milk. Dr. Toff says one of the greatest needs are for those babies born premature. Sometimes Mom isn’t able to feed yet.

“In the interim, we can provide donor breast milk,” Dr. Toff said.

Stored at -4 degrees, the milk held at the dispensary could last about six months.

During these critical times, Moms across the state would have only few places to go. No more turning to friends, family or neighbors for a supply.

“We’re adding an extra layer of safety before the mom gets the donor breast milk,” Dr. Toff said.

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