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Kristin – A Donor Story

My daughter Avery was born premature at 32 weeks. Upon my admittance to the hospital at a little over 28 weeks pregnant, I was informed of the opportunity to elect donor breast milk for our baby if it would be needed if I was unable to produce for her. About 2.5 years earlier, my sister-in-law also delivered one of her daughters at 32 weeks. It was through her NICU experience that she became aware of the opportunity to donate breastmilk. Through her prior three pregnancies, she was unaware of this program and was always uncertain of what to do with her excess milk she was producing but now knew how to put it to good use. After delivering my daughter, I thankfully had no issues with production and found myself in a similar situation as my sister-in-law with an excess of milk and not enough freezer space. I waited a few months but then elected to become a milk donor as well once I knew my supply was well established. It really is such an amazing program to be able to be a part of because you know you are helping the most fragile of lives. Had I not been able to produce for my baby in the NICU, I would have certainly received donor breastmilk with much gratitude as it would have been such a help during such a difficult time. In less than two weeks our daughter turns one year old. I am still able to produce enough milk for her and was able to donate to an amazing cause that went to help so many little ones when they needed it most. I am so thankful to have been a part of this program and would do it again in the future if I am able.

– Kristin, Milk Donor

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