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Sadie – A Recipient Story

Hi, everyone!

My name is Sadie and this is my story. Starting from the beginning. My Mommy and Daddy were having trouble getting pregnant with me due to my Mommy’s health. They wanted me so much, they tried IVF and got pregnant with me. Mommy was then diagnosed with Vasa Previa and pregnant with me in the hospital for 68 days! With this I had to be born early. I had trouble breathing, and eating because my sucking ability and digestive system were not fully developed and I also had trouble keeping my temperature. I then had to go into the NICU for two and a half weeks, and the doctors predicted longer. Mommy and Daddy never left my side. It was the longest, hardest and scariest two and a half weeks of our lives.
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During my stay I was vomiting every time I ate. My tummy did not like any formulas. We tried seven different ones and during a formula shortage no less! It was very upsetting. I was having trouble gaining weight too. Mommy and Daddy then found me GI specialists and they diagnosed me with Severe GERD. It was so bad that I could not lay down or I would vomit and choke, so I had to be held upright all night long! They were long and very tiring nights for all of us. I would also projectile vomit after I ate and soak myself and everyone’s shirts. I could not keep much down. Mommy and Daddy then took me to another doctor and they found out I’m allergic to milk protein and soy. I had lots of tests done and was prescribed many trial and error meds, but I am now on Pepcid and Mylicon. They are finally helping!

Sadly since Mommy can not produce enough milk, with my allergies and tummy trouble, we have to supplement. We finally found Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank! There are no hospitals around us that do this for babies like me. So if you are in our situation, you are stuck. Thank goodness Nana helped Mommy and Daddy find the Milk Bank for me. So far the donor breast milk, the little milk Mommy can produce and the medicine are working! It has been the hardest and longest road for Mommy, Daddy and I to go through but because of amazing people that work so hard at the Mothers’ Milk Bank, I can continue to grow big and strong. When I was born I was five pounds and losing weight. Now I am six months old and weigh 16 pounds. I’m getting to be a big girl now! Mommy, Daddy and I want to thank all of you at MAMMB for everything you do for me and hope my story and your special milk can help others.


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