Donor milk in heart shape

Shawna – A Donor Story

When I gave birth to my daughter Nova, sleeping on 11/9/21 at 26 weeks 6 days, the thought of my milk coming in never dawned on me – until my milk came in. I was grieving and had no idea what to do with my breasts being so sore. I contacted my sister in law and she gave me some options. When I heard the words, “you can pump and donate,” I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. What better way to honor my sweet Nova than to help other families and babies.

Human donor milk in big ziplocks

It was an easy process to become a donor. I pumped for 2 months and was able to provide hundreds of ounces of milk. Pumping gave me a sense of belonging. Even though I didn’t have my daughter to feed it felt good being able to provide milk. It reminded me that my baby existed and that her milk will help so many other babies.

The staff at the milk bank were super supporting during this process. I’m so happy I was able to provide something so sacred while grieving. I am forever thankful for this experience.

– Shawna, milk donor

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