Story time: New children’s book about the value of milk banks now available

Jan Mallak, one of our board members and volunteers, has just published a book that teaches children the importance of milk banks while honoring mothers who donate their milk to benefit vulnerable infants. Titled “An Ounce of Sharing…at the Milk Bank,” the story is written from the perspective of “Lizzie,” who has a new baby brother. Her mother wants to donate some of her breast milk to a milk bank to help sick and small babies. Lizzie proceeds to learn about the process, including how milk is collected, where it’s stored, and how it gets to families in need. Through Lizzie’s eyes, children can see that donating breast milk is a simple way to give many newborns a healthy start to life.

We’re so grateful to Jan for her dedication to this book and for bringing awareness of milk banks to a young audience.

You can purchase the book online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Mascot Books. All proceeds benefit the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank.