Happy twin babies

Twins – A Recipient Story

Having premature twins in the NICU is no easy thing, but then bringing them home with eating difficulties and health issues makes it even harder. Our twins never were able to latch due to oral aversions and severe reflux making eating a bad experience, so I quickly became an exclusive pumper. Even with pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock, I couldn’t produce enough for both twins. We ended up discovering the boys had a dairy allergy and developed enterocolitis from trying 9 different formulas and having dairy. Ultimately they had formula intolerance and could only tolerate dairy free breastmilk. There were nights I sat at my pump and just cried wondering what I was going to feed them when I didn’t pump enough that feed, since they refused formula completely at this point.

As a NICU nurse myself, I quickly started googling donor milk banks in the area. I came across Mid Atlantic and reached out in a desperate plea around 2am that morning. I didn’t know what else to do. Sara, whom I will never forget, responded promptly that morning and helped walk me through the entire process of doctors forms, payment, etc. 48 hours or so later we had dairy free milk shipped to our door. The relief that brought me of not worrying if I will have enough dairy free milk to feed the twins was what kept me from worsening PPA & PPD. Words cannot thank the milk bank staff: Sara, Cyndy, Kaleigh and the rest of the staff for working with us over the last year. From figuring out which donors Brooks’ sensitive tummy could tolerate to sending us prayers and well wishes, I truly had the best experience possible.

Family picture with twins

To the dairy free milk donors— YOU are rockstars. I know how hard it is being dairy free (I still am at 14 months postpartum for the twins) and you donating your milk literally saved our twins from further hospitalizations. The twins went from 0% on their growth charts to 44 and 56% all thanks to your dedication and yummy dairy free milk! You saved us in more ways than you know. Finding this milk bank was the best thing for our little family. If I ever have a third baby and have any excess milk it will surely be sent to this bank! I hope I can give back some day. Thank you all for everything you have done for us.

-Mom of Twins, recipient

Have you been touched by the mission of Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank?