mid-atlantic mothers' milk bank

We just couldn’t do it without you

(August 1, 2015) Our region takes care of our own. It’s what we do.

Since starting this project, more than 18 months ago, we have gotten countless calls from women anxious for us to open so they can donate milk. Before we can accept one ounce to process and deliver to a baby in need at one of our NICUs, however, we need a milk bank.

Events, crowdfunding, individual donors. These are the ways that we began our fundraising efforts and we are forever grateful for everyone who helped get this project off the ground.

Milk banks are expensive facilities to build. A lab has to be constructed, freezers have to be bought, and equipment has to be installed. Just one pasteurizer unit costs $40,000. And we will have two. Then there is the staff necessary to run the facility, screen potential donors, and to bottle and pasteurize milk.

We next turned to our giving community here in Pittsburgh. Not only did they embrace our mission, they gave swiftly and generously to allow us to build this milk bank as quickly as possible to start helping our tiniest residents thrive. More $700,000 in less than a year. We should not have been surprised.  Western PA has one of the most vibrant and engaged giving communities in the country. The foundations of our region have a rich history of being committed to bettering the lives of our residents and supporting innovative projects.

It is only fitting that our first blog post highlight the foundations that have made Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank possible.  We are so very grateful and honored that they are partnering with us to bring the lifesaving service of donor milk to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

[one_half]Eat’n Park

Grable Foundation

Highmark Foundation

Henry L. Hillman Foundation

HDR, Inc.

Jefferson Regional Foundation

Jewish Healthcare Foundation

McAuley Ministries

PNC Charitable Trusts[/one_half][one_half_last]The Darling Charitable Trust through the PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee

The Pittsburgh Foundation

The Elizabeth Shiras Charitable Trust through the PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee

Social Venture Partners

Staunton Farms Foundation

UPMC [/one_half_last]


We are thankful not only for the financial support of these organizations, but the mentoring and coaching that many have provided. When you see us in the community, remember them. They are the reason Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank will be opening its door in the Winter of 2015.